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My G Ltd

27 - Feb - 2015

Immigration Solutions

Permanent Residency UK

Permanent Residency UK & Life in the UK Test

Free Permanent Residency UK assessment call 0845 291 1229 or email contact page.

FREE ALERTS ABOUT PERMANENT RESIDENCE: Stay up to date on all Permanent Residency UK news and alerts.

Page updates will be made over the next few weeks inline with related changes that come into force from the 6 April 2012.



Applying for Permanent Residency UK:

After you have lived legally in the UK for a required qualifying period, you may qualify for permanent residency UK. Also known as 'indefinite leave to remain'.

Your right to apply for permanent residence will depend on your current visa category such as spouses visa, or Tier 2 general visa.

Applicants must demonstrate they have knowledge of life in the UK by completing "life in the UK test" or a ESOL approved language certificate. Some migrants can apply for indefinite leave to enter from outside the UK these applicants normally are partners on spouses visas and family members of British citizens or persons with Permanent Residence.

Those applying for Permanent Residency UK, must make their application before their current leave to remain in the UK expires. If you are already in the UK but you have not been here long enough to apply for settlement, you may be entitled to extend your spouses visa or "leave to remain" give us a call on 0845 2911229 to confirm.

For your Permanent Residency UK visa call 0845 2911229 or click for a quote.

Spouses visas and civil partners visas:

Applicants applying for Permanent Residency UK on spouses visas i.e. husbands, wifes or civil partners have to complete a probationary period of two years under the spouses visas category.

Spouses visas applicants are still husbands, wifes or civil partners of the person specified on their spouse's visa when they applied, and their marriage or civil partnership is still existing and genuine can apply for Permanent Residency UK. Applicants must have enough knowledge of English language or have a life in the UK test. This last requirement does not apply if your aged 65 or over.

Only accepted documents specified in UK Border Agency should be submitted. Applicants who fail to provide specific documentation; will not be contacted to request them. Applicants that fail to send the correct documents are likely to be refused.

Need our help completing your application form call us on 0845 2911229

For your Permanent Residency UK visa call 0845 2911229 or click for a quote.

Parents, Grandparents and other dependent relatives.

Dependant relatives of British citizens or persons with Permanent Residency UK, can also apply for Permanent Residence. As well as children under 18, the following relatives can apply to join persons in the UK on Permanent Residency UK:

Widowed mothers, Widowed fathers 65 or over; Parents/ Grandparents travelling together, if one is aged 65 or over. Applicants must supply evidence of thier dependency on the Permanent Resident relative for financial support. Relative can and will maintain and housed them adequately, without recourse to public funds; and the applicant has no other relatives in your own country who can support them financially.

In some exceptional & compassionate circumstances, the following relatives who meet the above requirements may be allowed to join as settled person are: sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts over the age of 18; and parents and grandparents under the age of 65.

For an Permanent Residency visa call us on 0845 2911229 or click for a quote.

Knowledge of language or life in the UK test?

Certain applicants for Permanent Residency UK are exempt from the 'life in the UK Test' (KOL) requirement. Exemptions are listed below.

They do not have to meet the "Life in the UK Test" requirement if they are granted Permanent Residence outside the Immigration Rules, or if they apply through the following catagory: Foreign and Commonwealth citizen discharged from Armed Forces (including Gurkha); Husbands, wife or civil partners of Foreign and Commonwealth citizens discharged from Armed Forces (including Gurkha); Victims of domestic violence; Bereaved partners (husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner or same-sex partner) of a British citizen or someone with Permanent Residency UK. Parents, grandparents or other dependent relatives of a British citizen or someone with Permanent Residence; Retired person of independent means; European national or the non-European family member of a European national, making an application under the Free Movement of Persons provisions. Someone who has spent five years in the UK with permission as a refugee; Someone who has spent six years in the UK on discretionary leave; Someone who has spent four years in the UK with exceptional leave to remain; Someone who has spent five years in the UK on humanitarian protection; Dependent child of someone in an employment category. However, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge of life in the UK test if you later apply for British citizenship, unless you are exempt for other reasons.

When applying for settlement in any of the categories above, applicants should ensure they meet the requirements for that specific category and must provide documentary evidence to support there application. Exemption because of your age only applicants under 18 years old or over 65 years old, are exempt from the life in the UK test requirement except for the above. Exemption because of a long term disability, permanent disability which prevents you from learning English, you may be exempt from the life in the UK test requirement also.

To be exempt, you must be suffering from a long-term illness or disability that severely restricts your mobility and ability to attend language classes; or have a mental impairment which means that you are unable to learn another language.Evidence from a medical practitioner confirming the disability must be submitted in the application.

You can prove your English skills and knowledge of the UK by passing the 'Life in the UK test", if they speak English to a reasonable standard; or taking and passing a course in English and citizenship such as life in the UK test, if they do not speak English.

For your Permanent Residency UK visa call us on 0845 2911229 or click for a quote.

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