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My G Ltd

02 - Mar - 2015

Immigration Solutions

Sponsorship management system

UK border Agency Sponsorship Management System

All enquiries call 0845 291 1229 or email our contact page.

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5 individual areas of employers compliance under UK border agency Sponsorship management system.

The first 4 areas also are required if you dont hold a sponsorship mamangement system license should you employee the following Nationals: Dependents of Non EU nationals on sponsorship certificate, Foriegn National Dependents of British & EU Residents, Tier 1 applicants and Tier4 applicants plus their dependents.

Area 1: Monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal employment
Area 2: Maintaining migrant contact details
Area 3: Recordkeeping
Area 4: Migrant tracking and monitoring
Area 5: Professional registrations and accreditations

To achieve a A rating sponsorship management system License you need to Rank 1 in each of the five areas above.

If you find the Sponsorship management system compliance a mine field, or not sure if this applies to your business then why not let us do the hard work for you call now 0845 291 1229 for a no obligation chat.

Download sponsorship management system templates Employer Compliance Templates

UK border agency rank Sponsorship management system license holders compliance on a level between 1 - 3:

Home office UK rate HR systems & compliance from 1 to 3 as follows:

  1. You meet all of the criteria or are fully compliant.
  2. You only meet some of the criteria or are partially compliant.
  3. You do not meet any of the criteria or are non-compliant.

Sponsorship Management Systems & sponsorship certificate - Full compliance rating

UK border agency decide you are fully compliant assuming:
There is no previous history recorded against your business of any non-compliance relating to the previous work permit rules and UKBA found your business to be fully compliant during your PBS Sponsorship License visit.

Sponsorship Management Systems & sponsorship certificate - Partial compliance rating

UK border agency decide you are partially compliant assuming:
You haven't submitted any technical changes of employment relating to work permit holders. If for example, during a Sponsorship management system License visit, UK border agency found work permit holder working at a different Business address's of your company than what's on their work permits and you did not tell them; or their employment circumstances, job role or salary have been changed without obtaining advanced approval by submitting a technical change of employment.

Sponsorship Management Systems & sponsorship certificate - Non compliance rating

UK border agency decide you are non-compliant assuming:
You have had work permit applications refused or withdrawn because your facilities were not good enough to cope with the increased staffing levels or you did not have plans to expand to take into account for an increase.

Example, a company sends false documents to establish it's a genuine employer. During a compliance check, the employer provided salary details for its staff that were found to be incorrect when verified with HM Revenue & Customs; or their employment circumstances, job role or salary do not match those stated on their work permit application form and are unable to offer a reasonable explanation for the differences; or levels of abuse are so high that all current work permit holders have had or will have their permits withdrawn.

2nd example, you have been found to have serious salary breaches with a number of work permit holders and are unable to offer any explanation for why those members of staff were being paid salaries significantly lower than what's stated on the work permit application forms.

The UK Border Agency Annual Limit

The introduction of an annual limit of Unrestricted sponsorship certificate/ Restricted sponsorship certificate available under Tier 2 (General) our limited to 20,700, this limit will apply to Tier 2 General jobs with salary less than £150,000 per annum and filled by a migrant entering the United Kingdom from outside EU.

Limit applies to:

- ICTs; and
- Tier 2 Sports People; and
- Tier 2 Ministers of Religion
- Any Tier 2 (General) Restricted COS

Unrestricted Sponsorship Certificate / Restricted Sponsorship Certificate.

Between 6 April 2011 and 5 April 2012 UK border agency will make a limited number of "restricted" sponsorship certificates available to Tier 2 (General) sponsors each month. In April 2011 there will be 4,200 available and then 1,500 each month thereafter, plus or minus any adjustments (for more information on adjustments please contact us directly). If you need to assign a restricted sponsorship certificate to a migrant, you must apply for it using the restricted sponsorship certificate application process on sponsorship management system. Home office UK cannot guarantee your application will be successful. Only Level one users or Authorised Users can make Restricted sponsorship certificate requests.

Breakdown of the Restricted/ Unrestricted Sponsorship certificate service:

We offer all clients Unrestricted / Restricted Sponsorship certificate application services:

  • Vet & Verify selected applicant(s)
  • Confirm all your compliance requirements have been meet
  • Assess your application meets all required conditions for successful consideration
  • Assist and complete your Restricted CoS application on site (clients who appoint us level one users can have their applications submitted directly)

For more information on Unrestricted/ Restricted Sponsorship certificate services call us on 0845 291 1229 or email us

If your looking for a comprehensive Sponsorship management system license set up please go to our services or call 0845 291 1229 for a no obligation chat

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